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About Us

For as long as I remember, I have always like bargain. Treasure hunting the dingy, smelly and dark lit thrift stores was not an appealing prospect; however, I found unbelievable bargains… Polo shirts, Levis jeans, not to mention books were ¼ the price. What a fun place to shop! Not the ordinary type of shopping experience.
Now that I had the ability to open my own store, I decided why not make the Thrift store into a fun shopping experience? We lose the dingy, dirty, smelly image and make the thrift shopping a fun experience. In fact, Thrift Sense is be the largest thrift store in Margate. We have a brightly lit 20,000 sf retail environment. Clean, lit and professionally designed themes. One-of-a-kind clean merchandise. Wouldn’t that be great! Let’s change the image of thrift shopping and make it a fun, family experience where we can find bargains and enjoy ourselves at the same time.
Thrift Sense is not the average thrift shop. Margate’s Thrift Sense is a clean, well lit, air-conditioned, well organized professionally themed shopping experience. A “destination” location that will bring people from all over Broward to shop and enjoy.

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